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Where is the Magic Dragon?

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Back in the day, the Raft Race was a very exciting event of the Wichita River Festival. To this event came the best floating character ever created, with apologies to Nemo.  No wait, Nemo wasn't floating, that would've been bad news for Nemo.  Anyway, this fabulous character that looked totally professional, was a smoke breathing dragon.  Yes, real smoke emitted from his nostrils and he was able to lower his head and glide under bridges. His skin was a delightful hugh of gray-green and his facial expression was priceless...not striking fear but demanding respect. After the raft race event ended this fantastic dragon resided on a lot along South West Street.  Does anyone know what has happened to him? Phil and I would sure like to find him.-Jan 

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Wichita, KS

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
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