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I hate moving!!!!!

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Today is a big day.  Today is moving day!  And of course it's raining!

Moving Sucks!  Oh don't get me wrong, I'm going to like the outcome of it:  being in my own place for the first time in a looooooong time, being settled in, everything in its place, food in the fridge, computer and t.v. hooked's going to be glorious!  But today is moving day, I hate moving.

Why?  Because of all the "stuff." 

When I was young and first out on my own I used to move about once a year.  Lease an apartment, wear out my welcome with the neighbors, move in to a different apartment, repeat.  I never had a chance to accumulate a lot of "stuff" because of my nomadic behaviour and that was fine.  Less stuff, less stuff to move.  But over time I did accumulate stuff.  I moved that stuff in to a house when I got married and thought I would never have to move that "stuff" again.  But just like in the past, I wore out my welcome and had to move on.

Bed, couch, computer, boxes and boxes of stuff I should have thrown away along time ago, and yes...the infamous Barber Chair all have to be loaded up today.  And the worst part about moving:  unoading the stuff!  Transfering stuff from point A to point B.  Hoping I have enough room in the basement of this duplex to accomodate my stuff I felt the need to collect over the years.  Hoping I can get the mattress and box springs up that narrow staircase and around that sharp corner into the new bedroom without causing major damage to the walls, stairs, me....I hate moving!  Has there ever been a house designed with "moving in" in mind?  Did the builders assume everyone has narrow furniture?


Oh well,  it shall be over soon and I will be happy and content in my groovy little duplex in Riverside.  Happy again...until I have to move!

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