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Thank You!!!

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I have great friends!  And I saw some of them at my Divorce Shower on Saturday night.  I also met some new friends that, up until Saturday  I'd only seen as little tiny icons on our facebook page.  I understand not everybody that wanted to show up could show up, people have other plans and things come up.  But there was a perfect amount of people at Caffe Moderne for the party.  It was all Jan's idea.  She said people who get divorced need stuff more than people who get married.  And I got stuff!  Everything from silverware to lamps, enough kitchen utensils to host a dinner party, even 2 bottles of Jagermeister!!?!

I showed up early to help set up but of course nobody would let me help.  They said "go to the bar and get yourself a drink" I did.  Peach Martini.  That was the drink of the night.  Once I start with something, I stay with it.  It's safer that way...don't mix your alcohol ya' know.  So all night as people were coming in, they would ask: "what are you drinking?"...."Peach Martini" think I know, there is a cocktail in my hand.  At one point I think I had 3 Martini's sitting in front of me.  I got a little bit lit to say the least!  But in a fun "I'm trying to get a little lit" kinda way.  I remember everything and everybody so it wasn't one of those nights where you wake up and go: "what happened?"   I know what happened and it was all great!  I did however break my alcohol rule when a friend of mine decided to pour us a couple of "shots" from the Jager bottle.  That did exactly what is was supposed to do...send me over the edge!  So another friend demanded my car keys and I obliged.  Fun night!

I got up the next day and looked at all the  stuff and read all the great cards from everyone who came and it made me feel great!  Again, thank you.  I have great friends.


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