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My New Love

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I have fallen in love and just as Jan alluded to, it's not a woman.  My new love is there when I leave for work in the morning, stays with me for a minute or two on my drive to work and then greets me when I arrive home. 

I think I was always a little in love with her, flirted with her throughout most of my life, loved her curves, loved her beauty but was never truly in love til I moved in with her.  Or should I say moved in to her.

My new love is Riverside!  That wonderful neighborhood where I now reside. 

Jan has lived in Riverside most of her life and she told me "once you live in Riverside, you won't want to live anywhere else in Wichita."  She told me this as almost a warning.  As you have probably gathered from listening to The Jan and Phil Show, I am currently house hunting.  I soon discovered this was going to be a lengthy process.  I want to make sure I get just the right house.  This could take some time.  So I decided to rent for awhile.  This will allow me to take my time finding a house and give me some stability.  Problem is, I rented half of a duplex in....RIVERSIDE!

Now I've become a Riversider just as Jan predicted.  I love Riverside.  I love being able to walk a block to the river, four blocks to the park.  I love the way I have several options of leaving the neighborhood on the way to work.  I could go North, past the Campbell Castle.  I could go East past Park Villa, thru the roundabout on the East side of Riverside Park.  I could go through Oak Park.  Any way I choose is a beautiful drive.  I can't get enough of it!  Riverside is also close to downtown and Old Town.  Just a two minute drive and I'm right in the heart of the action.  

Now I don't want to leave.  My house search used to include many neighborhoods on the East side, West side, College Hill, Sleepy I've told my real estate agent:  "Find me something in Riverside."

I fallen madly in love.  And it's Riverside, and I never want to leave.  Not for a while anyway.




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