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A two-inch knife with three one-inch blades

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My friend, I will call him "M" had a little difficulty at the concert last night.  Seems he did not realize the "knife" (it's more like something you clean your nails with) he brought to the concert would be a problem.  When I say it is about 2 inches long with 3 blades that are just over an inch, I know. I have it.  I wa able to secure it in my car...which was parked much closer.  Anyway, it isn't that I fault security. They have to be is just pretty funny since "M". Is built like a full back and although he is gentle as a lamb...I know he would not rely on a 1 inch knife if he felt he had to hurt someone. I am just constantly amused at life. It is so hard to balance safety concerns with everything else. 

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Scattered Clouds
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