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Really Gene?

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Gene Simmons Chalks Up Schwarzenegger's Infidelity to His DNA
Wed 05/18/11

In the aftermath of the news of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's infidelity to his wife, MARIA SHRIVER, the former governor of California still has one prominent supporter -- GENE SIMMONS.  Indeed, the KISS bassist tells ABC News Radio that Schwarzenegger did nothing wrong, declaring "If he raised wonderful children who are law abiding and charming then he did everything right."  Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced last week that they were separating after it was revealed that Schwarzenegger had slept with a member of his in-house staff over a decade ago and secretly fathered a child with her. 

Simmons flatly declares that what Schwarzenegger did isn't cheating -- it's genetics.  Says Simmons of unfaithful men in general, "Respectfully, they're not cheating.  They're doing what the DNA in their genes tell them to do.  They're doing what they're designed to do.  The male of the species manufactures hundreds of millions of sperm every day.  They have no choice in the matter.  They can't take Thursdays off." 

Rather than focusing on Schwarzenegger's infidelity, Simmons says everyone should look at his accomplishments:  "He kept his family together and still does.  He's an immigrant, a legal one...and rose to power in many different forms." (AUDIO IS EXCLUSIVE)

Simmons and Kiss frontman PAUL STANLEY will be taking part in a worldwide online chat this Friday through the website  Head on over to sign up.

Gene, Love ya man, but you don't seem to get it. He did indeed cheat. While I do not condone infidelity, I understand that a person can make a mistake. However, in this case, Arnold did not just have a one-night stand and confess and ask for forgiveness. Rather, not only did he cheat,  he failed to inform his wife that someone working in their home,  was pregnant with and then gave birth to his child.  He continued to employ this woman and (rightfully) to pay child support...but without his wife's knowledge. He allowed Maria to campaign for him, speaking of his exemplery abilities as a husband.  He let his son by this woman believe a lie as to his paternity. He did these things for the sake of his career at the expense of his family. It was, indeed, "cheating" in more ways than one. And as for Arnold's accomplishments, he, himself would probably tell you Maria's support and her family name were a large part of that.

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