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Thanks for the Styrofoam

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Many thanks to all the Audience of Experts Members who called to contribute styrofoam shipping containers and gel packs to alleviate my shipping dilemna. Who knew it would cost so much to ship some steaks to Long Island? Well, actually Mark's Meats did and I appreciate the information they gave me.  You may remember I got the red carpet treatment at the TODAY show back in April, including a behind the scenes tour! All that was arranged by Fox listener, Jerome who has a wonderful cousin who happens to be THE BODYGUARD for Meredith and Matt at the TODAY show. Well, to show my appreciation, I first had to wrangle some addresses from Jerome...then I had to find shipping containers...I know that sounds silly, but it turns out those shipping containers that you receive pershiable food or meds in are worth their weight in gold (darn near). It seems they retail for $40, including gel packs...but in order to have the unused, empty containers shipped TO you, you pay over $100 in shipping not sure yet what it costs to ship the container once it is filled, I am working on that...still MANY thanks. Hope I don't discover you cannot ship a once used container!  If I found out shipping a used container is kosher, I suggest those who receive them should sell them, instead of putting them in the land fill!

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