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The Painful Sock Puppet

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Well, Phil is creating a painful "sock puppet" today. By that I mean he is getting a sticky, waxy stick stuck up his nose and in his ears to get rid of hair.  He says there is a surprising amount to look forward to.  It hurts me just to think about it, but I get the importance to Phil of doing it.   I know that in many cases, pain is the price of beauty. I'd like to say it's only what is on the inside that counts, but I know that the reality is, looks matter. Studies have shown that to some extent looks matter on a genetic level, with people picking romantic partners from a criteria in their mind that they are not really even aware of.  So I say, do whatever makes you feel better in terms of improving your looks, but if the people that care most about you say you have gone too attention, they are probably right.

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Broken Clouds
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