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Star: The Dog Who Lived

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The best of mankind and the worst of mankind is revealed in the treatment of animals. In Malta, authorities are looking for the as@%#&le who tried to kill a dog and buried it alive. According to USA Today, the mixed-breed female dog, named "Star" by her rescuers, was found when Animal Welfare Officials got a tip that three animals were being mistreated in a field in Malta. Upon arriving the authorities heard muffled whimpering and traced it to a hole in the ground that had been covered with a wooden plank...they lifted the plank and discovered the dog. Only the dog's snout was visible above the sand in which it had been buried. They quickly started digging and found the dog had been shot and its snout, as wells as its legs had been bound .  The animal was rushed to a vet, who removed over 40 gunshot pellets from the dog's head. It's believed the dog will recover, Many people have asked to adopt Star, it appears a family in the U.K. will be getting her. A silent protest will be held June 4th in Valetta, Malta.  In Malta the jail time for such a crime is more than it is in Sedgwick year in prison.  In both jurisdictions there are hefty fines assessed. Here, a psych evaluation and anger management classes are required. If you want to learn more about Star you can check her out on Facebook and even contribute to the fund to bring her attacker to justice. On Facebook Star is known at "Star: The Dog Who Lived".

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