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Sometimes Both Drivers Should Get Tickets

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My husband recently assured us of higher insurance rates. He did it at approximately 5 miles an hour, by never-the less, he did it.  He and a co-worker (Dave) had just had lunch together at a restaurant in the Twin Lakes area.  Dave was in line to pull out of a driveway and go east bound. Next in line was a woman going the same way and third in line to exit the drive was my DH.  Dave sees a car travelling about 10 miles per hour and approaching the driveway, signaling a turn. He pulls out. Next the woman in front of my husband sees the same thing and pulls out. Next it is my husband's turn.  He sees the same thing, and by now it appears the elderly lady is about to make the turn. He looks west and pulls out...right into the side of the lady's car.  She has failed to turn into the drive as she indicated and has stopped immediately in front to the driveway.  Granted my husband should have glanced back one last time to make sure she completed the turn she was indicating. However, I think she should have gotten a ticket for inattentive driving.  The woman in front of my husband who succesfully tuurned saw what happened and felt she had been part of the cause. She filed acted as a witness. She was very kind and in no way at fault. Oh well, it's better than the time my DH backed out of a driveway and into the car parked on the street across from the front of our new insurance agent!

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