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Is it Time We Made Marijuana Legal?

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I have to admit something not very cool.  I have never smoked Marijuana. I have not done so for several reasons...A) I have an aversion to feeling like I am in an altered state. B) It's illegal C) Don't want to damage my lungs.  However, I  dated many pot smokers and former pot smokers, so please  don't think I was ever on a "high horse"about it...pun intended.  It seems that pot is more popular than ever and it clearly has been effective in treating  several medical conditions.  One of my most conservative friends who works in a high position in law enforcement..again no pun intended...says he and many collegues think it would be better to legalize pot. We could reap the rewards of taxation, free law enforcement to focus on other things, and take away some of the profits from drug dealers. Maybe I am wrng in thinking some form of legalization might be a good idea. I want to know what you think. Please take our poll or call the J and P show any weekday morning at 436-1045.

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