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Can I Get A Call Back?

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Business seems to be booming here. If you doubt me, try and get any type of work done around your home.  I am not blaming or complaining, just relating personal experience.  If businesses are that busy, great.  One example, we are trying to get a well put in, but the area to work in to dig is small.  A company that can probably do it did not return a couple of calls from my husband. That meant another company might have to be that would only be capable of putting the well right in the middle of our front yard (gee, if only it had a derrick attached).  When my husband said "we could get one of those fake rocks to cover it". I swung into action and called the "silent" well digging company myself and left a message saying that I was desperate, and explaining the dire situation with the fake rock and begging for a call back to my husband. Someone did call...but my husband was up to his eyeballs in soot at a fire scene, so phone tag continues. AUghhh! A fake rock in the middle of our manicured front yard? Are you freakking kidding me?

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