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Two to tie, three to be the hottest on record

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A few more days of triple digits and we will break the record for the summer with the most 100+ days in Do-Dah in history.  Remember the 70's and 80's when Wichita was often referred to by natives as "Do-Dah"? The station I worked for at the time here in Wichita even had a little jingle we ran that had the first few notes of "Camp Town Races" and everyone knew what it referenced.  Well, back in the DO-Dah days (1980 specifically) we had the second most 100+ filled days during the summer and we have surpassed as of this morning, it was 2 to tie 1936 (during the dustbowl no less)  and three to claim the title.

My friend, San says her grandmother hung wet sheets in front of a fan to cool things off and people brought blankets to the river bank in Central Riverside Park to sleep in the closest thing to a cool breeze they had.  My dad told me his family spent as much time at the movies as they could afford.

I am such a wimp. If I slept on the riverbank, I'd be covered in bug bites...I say let's head to the movies any time it is this hot!

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