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Hope My Husband Does Not Divorce Me For This

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We have lived in our house six years and in that entire time I have not been able to get my car in the garage.  That means that while my husband's truck is safely ensconced in the garage I stand scraping the ice off my windshield at 5:00 in the morning.  We talk about cleaning out the other half of the garage, but never do it. It's the spot  where "stuff" landed when we moved in.  Kent says most of it is mine and I am going to run with that theory as my defense when I clean out the garage in his absence Saturday morning.  I know he is leaving the house early and won't return until late.  He is working out of town that day. I am bringing in a crew and we will get it done.  None of his stuff will be discarded, unless it has become really gnarley in the past six years... I will let you Monday how it turns out!

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