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So, If I'm on My Way To See a Psychic and the Plane Crashes...

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I am off to see the psychic.  She is supposed to be really good...but when it comes to psychics, and a group of people...I am the one that gets left out...Lucy says, "I got a Snickers", Linus says, "I got some gum."...I'm charlie Brown and I have to say, "I got a rock".  At a seance back when the morning show went to a haunted venue every Halloween... a psychic said my dad was coming through with one word.."Pumpkin" . Well, I did have a favorite horse named "Punkins" and my dad and I bonded over horses, but seriously would that be all my dad would say to me? let's just say I am hoping not to "get a rock" this time.

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Wichita, KS

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Broken Clouds
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