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Gift Wrapping

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Gift wrapping is an art and a science. I find it a lot of fun to try and spruce up packages with things like holly, red berries, and even feathers. Anyone can wrap well if he or she is taught both the science and the art. The science involves making sure you start by surrounding the box wiht just enough paper, not too little, not too much.  Then, and here is the clincher, make sure you push the paper "in" first at each end of the box. in from the sides and then up from the bottom and down from the top. Wired ribbon is easiest to tie to complete the package. The art comes from taking some chances...use colors contained in the paper, but let yourself go a little crazy when selecting the toppings! If the present is going to car enthusiast, for example, top his/jer present with matchbox car wired into the bow. This works really well if the gift is the keys to a new car! I'll wrap presents for your loved one if you come by and present the gifts for wrapping while you donate blood at the Red Cross at 707 North Main this Thursday and Friday!

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