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Cars4Christmas Rocked this Year!

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Hope everyone got to listen this morning as we gave away 4 vehicles to people who needed reliable transportation.  Something as simple as having transportation can really be the key to getting everything else...a job, an education, better health.  At least that is the case in towns such as ours which do not have extensive mass transit.  It really fills me with joy to see someone who has always been on the giving end get to Kristine this morning...she lost everything in a flood, then her vehicle was hit by a driver with no insurance.  She is on disability from her injuries. Now she can get to her doctor's appointments, to the store, etc. without asking for rides.  Andrea was also a recipient this morning.  She has two children, one of whom was premature and has many, many health problems. She has to take her daughter to doctor's appointments in Kansas City.  She also needs to look for a job. Vehicles are life changing things.  To donate one, in any condition, just go to the Cars4Christmas icon at this website.  We'd like to start giving away vehicles in Wichita every month!

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