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A blog about blogging.

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So, here it is...2012.  I'm not a guy who makes resolutions but I guess I will make an exception this time.  What is my resolution?  Blogging!  Why is this my resolution?  Because I've been told that people are interested in my blog, what's on my mind, what I do from day to day, and also that if I don't blog every day I'll be in trouble.  So here it is world (or those 6 people that will read this)... my first blog of 2012!!!  A blog about a blog!!!  Interesting?  Compelling?  Probably not but that means they can only get better right?  I'm going to link this to our Facebook page and I would like some feedback on this whole blogging thing.  Any feedback would be welcomed:  ideas on what to blog about, do you really want to know what I do or what's on my mind?  Help me with my New Year's me with my blogging.


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