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Van Halen "Tattoo" sounds good!

Van Halen "Tattoo" sounds good!

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Played the new Van Halen song "Tattoo" this morning.  I'm a fan of old DLR Van Halen. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the Sammy version too but the DLR VH had a sound noone else had so I was a little concerned that the new song was going to let me down.  For the most part, it didn't.  Eddie and Alex sounded fantastic!  Classic Van Halen!  Like they never went away!  Dave still can't carry a tune and his lyrics are a bit trite but they always have been.  The thing about Dave is he isn't a "rock star" anymore, I think it's the hair.  I mean Dave is still a star, a front man, an entertainer but the long haired, bad boy rock star persona is gone.  And one more's not Van Halen without Michael Anthony's backing vocals.  That was so much a signature of Van Halen.  If Michael Anthony's vocals were in this song it would have sealed the deal for me.  I like the new Van Halen song but without Michael I don't love it.  It is better than I anticipated and I am looking forward to hearing the entire album "A Different Kind Of Truth" when it arrives February 7th.


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