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Midlife Crisis?? Me??!!!!

Midlife Crisis?? Me??!!!!

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Someone asked me the other day if I was having a mid-life crisis.  This question took me by surprise.  For one, if this is mid-life for me then I will live to be 106.  Let's look at the evidence:  I wear an earring.  Doesn't count because I have been wearing it since 1983.  I've had 2 nose jobs.  Doesn't count because I didn't like my original nose since I was in my 20's.  I dress "age inappropriate" (jeans from the Buckle and Aeropostale shirts).  Doesn't count because I've been dressing that way forever.  It's not like at some point in my adult life I started wearing suits and then regressed.  I have a girlfriend who is much younger than me.  Doesn't count because I wasn't looking for a much younger girlfriend, it just happened that way.  And finally, the real proof that I'm not having a mid-live crisis:  I drive a 2004 Toyota Echo with 141,000 miles on it, no electric seat, no electric windows, no gps, no keyless entry, no cruise control...hell it doesn't even have intermittent wipers!!!!  Mid-life crisis?  Not yet.

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