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My inner voice calls me "Phillip"

My inner voice calls me "Phillip"

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Everyone has an inner voice right?  I hope so or the rest of this blog is going to sound psychotic.  Everyone talks to themselves don't they?  I don't mean a full blown conversation or anything but like when you have things to do and you're running the list through your head.  My inner voice only comes to me when I really don't want to do something but really should, like go to the store for some grocery shopping or going to workout.  My inner voice is there to talk me into it, to encourage me, to get me to gird my loins and get it done!!  Funny thing is my inner voice speaks out loud through my mouth and calls me by my proper name "Phillip."  I will actually say, out loud, when I'm alone, something like: "ok Phillip let's do this!" or "C'mon now Phillip you know it's gotta be done!"  Kinda like when you were a kid and you'd get in trouble and your parents would address you by your first and middle name...kinda like that.  Hmmmm....does sound a little psychotic doesn't it Phillip.

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