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Goin' Solo

Goin' Solo

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So I get in this morning and Jan has left me a couple of messages:  she's sick.  You can't tell on her texts but on her voicemail she sounded terrible!  There has been something going around here at the station, hope I don't catch it...I don't do sick very well.  I've been working in radio a long time and used to do a show alone for years but since1994 I have always had a partner.  I don't like working without an on air partner.  There's something about being able to banter with another person, when you get used to it it's hard to just talk to yourself.  Plus I like that instant reaction that Jan gives me when I tell a story or say an off hand remark.  Whether she laughs because she thinks I'm funny, stares at me in disbelief because I said something stupid or completely disagrees with me and calls me down on it,  it is instant gratification.  Lucky for me I had a lot of phone calls this morning and you all kept me busy so I didn't have to talk to myself too much.  Get well soon Janny!! 

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Broken Clouds
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