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My recurring dream

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I'm a dreamer.  Literally.  Every night for as long as I can remember I have had vivid and very random dreams, usually filled with images and subject matter that my mind has absorbed throughout the day that then manifests itself in my dreams.  I love going to sleep because I know I'm going to have some weird, wonderful, odd, unusual and usually pretty cool little stories that will play out in my dreams.  However I do have one recurring dream, the imagery is different but the subject is always the same:  something is going wrong at work!  It usually involves playing the wrong songs, not having any music, not being able to find the music, the equipment is not functioning properly etc.  This happens at least once a week,  I suspect that everyone has work related dreams but these are pretty epic in their scope and degree of anxiety causing events.  Then I'll wake up, get ready to go and head to work where everything seems so...normal.


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Scattered Clouds
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