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I loved my first car. It was a Thunderbird!!

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My first car was a piece of junk but I loved it!  Why?  Not for the reasons you would think.  Not because of the freedom it represented, for the first time in my life I could go anywhere I wanted anytime I wanted.  Not because of the sense of accomplishment it represented, I worked at my dad's lithography shop for a long time to save up the money to buy it.  The reason I loved my car so much was the fact that it was a Thunderbird!  Ever since I had seen the movie "American Graffitti" I knew I had to have one.  The 1957 Thunderbird that Suzanne Sommers drove was one of the iconic images in that movie!  Imagine my dismay when I found out that the T-Birds with that body style (1955-57) were waaaaay out of my price range!  I eventually found a 1960 T-Bird for $500.00.  Perfect!  Oh sure it burned oil and spewed blue smoke out the engine and tailpipe, oh sure it had small patches of rust around the wheel wells and the dashboard was warped and melted, oh sure it only got 8 miles to the gallon but I loved that car!  Why??  Because it was a Thunderbird!!


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