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My successful science experiment

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A 17 year old High School girl in California just won $100,000.00 for her science project:  a new cancer fighting technique that so far has been a success when tested on mice.  I too had success with a science project when I was in school.  I was in 8th grade at Wilbur Junior High and science class was fun because we got to work with open flames and chemicals.  One day my science partner and I discovered that 2 drops of nitric acid on a penny would burn the face off of it and shrink it to the size of a dime which was quite signigicant because at that time, pinball machines cost a dime and guess what???  The shrunken pennies actually worked!!  My science project was a success!!!  Although I never submitted the results of my research to my teacher and it wasn't earth shattering or life changing, it was still a scientific success and I played free pinball for several months.  Then one day I went to the bowling alley with a pocketful of shrunken pennies and much to my dismay...pinball machines had been altere to a quarter a play!!!!  But it was fun while it lasted and I actually felt like I accomplished something.  Oh sure it was illegal but still......


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