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My F bomb filter was broken only once.

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It's amazing I don't drop the F bomb on the air but I attribute it to an excellent F bomb filter.  I use the F bomb in day to day conversation with friends.  I love the F bomb.  I would never use it in front of someone who might be offended by it but I don't know anyone offended by it quite honestly.  It's such a part of my everyday language.  I have only dropped the F bomb once on the air during my long radio career and  that was during a remote at a  strip club back in the mid 90's.  I had been drinking so I was feeling pretty loose.  About a minute before I was to go on the air I had an equipment malfunction so I was scrambling to resolve that issue and with seconds to go, I got it fixed.  I was still trying to regroup from that when they threw it to me live at the strip club.  I was basically on auto pilot.  Out of my mouth came all the correct information about the event that night:  drink specials, lovely ladies, good times and then I said:  "Bring your Military I.D. , Aircraft I.D. or any other F***ing I.D. and get in free!"  I remember it like it was yesterday.  My F bomb filter was broken only once.


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