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Remember Argus Tapes and Records? Sgt. Pepper's Parlor??

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This morning we had a request for "Sing For The Day" by Styx. (Actually I requested it.)  I love that song and the album "Pieces of Eight".  When that album first came out my roommate worked for Argus Tapes and Records,  he brought home a giant poster of the album artwork to hang up in our living room.  He always brought home great promo and display stuff so we always had a cool "rock themed" apartment.  

I was telling that story on the air this morning which prompted several people to call in with:  "wow!  Argus Tapes and Records!  If you remember that then you must remember (insert old Wichita business here)"  Here are some of the old businesses that people mentioned in this conversation:  Beads and Embellishments, Sgt. Peppers Parlor, Heads Together, Tops N' Trowsers, Jeans Unlimited, Snooty Tooties,  

Gonna post this on our Facebook Page.  Curious to know what old businesses you remember from Wichita, particularly from the 60's and 70's.



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