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Paperwork sucks

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I hate paperwork.  I'm in the middle of a project here at the radio station and it involves a lot of research and paperwork.  I quite enjoy the research but did I tell you...I hate paperwork.  It wasn't always that way, in grade school I used to turn in my homework on time and by Junior High I was penning short stories for my English Lit. class.  But somewhere between Junior High and High School it all changed,  I can't put my finger on it but in High School I excelled in presentation,  the paperwork issue however dragged my grades down.  It drove my parents crazy.  For instance in Drivers Ed I aced the driving portion of the class but because I didn't turn in my "paperwork" I failed the class.  I failed Drivers Ed!!!!  Who fails Drivers Ed????  My driving scores were perfect too!  Not fair!!   Oh well I guess I'd better get back to my paperwork.

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Broken Clouds
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