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Fake Leap Day Wedding

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A lot of people get married on Leap Day because they think they will only have to worry about celebrating their anniversary once every 4 years.  An old radio partner of mine got married on Leap Day but not for that reason.  And he didn't really get married on Leap Day...follow me?  No?  Okay, he actually went on the air and promoted the fact that he would take a "leap of faith" on Leap Day by getting married.  There was a minister, groomsmen, bridesmaids, limos, a reception, cake, guests the whole nine yards. We even held a bachelor party at a strip club the night before. The thing is, it was all an elaborate hoax.  An April Fools Day hoax.  Confused?  I understand.  He took the "leap of faith" on Leap Day and then revealed it was all a hoax on April Fools Day.  He actually had to keep up the appearance of being married to this girl for an entire month!!  Even his close friends and family didn't know it was all fake.  In the end it worked out, everyone was fooled and it was a great stunt.  And on a side note, at the fake reception, he ended up meeting the girl he would eventually marry for real.  She was one of the fake bridesmaids!!  And a side note to that side note, they are now divorced.  Anyway...Happy Leap Day!


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