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Food In Motion

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I've always been facinated by food in commercials.  There are actually "food stylists" that are hired to make food look colorful and appetizing in these commercials.  The commercials that really get me are the ones where the food is in motion, being "tossed" or "thrown" into the air.  You know those commercials:  where the succulent shrimp and salad meet in mid air and collide and the splash of water comes off of them signifying the freshness of their shrimp salad.  Or when a piece of food, ie: a strawberry is being dipped into something, ie: chocolate sauce and the sauce comes slowly wafting over the edges of its container.  These food movements are usually done in slo-mo.  Well, there is one commercial that is running right now that kinda freaks me out.  Maybe it's because I'm so tuned in to the "food in motion" aspect that I really noticed this one.  It's a commercial for Montana Mike's Steakhouse.  There is an already cooked T-Bone steak being placed on a grill for cooking, this is done in slo-mo as most food in motion commercials are but in this case the steak is so thin, when it hits the grill it wiggles as it lands.  IT WIGGLES for about 4 or 5 seconds in slow motion!  It's really kind of creepy.  Or it could be that I waaaaaaay over analyze things!!  But watch for it next time you're watching T.V. and I guarantee if you're watching for it, you'll see it. 

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