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Tired but not sleep deprived. wtf?

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Don't know what it is about the whole "spring forward" time change that makes me so tired, it doesn't make sense.  I realize that we lose an hour but I still got plenty of sleep Saturday and Sunday night, no more or no less than usual yet I find myself doing those things one does when one is sleep deprived.  Yesterday I needed some cash in my wallet.  I like to have cash on me so I don't have to use my credit card for minor purchases.  I went to the QuikTrip to use the ATM.  I pulled in, pulled up to the gas pump, got out, put in my pump start card and started to put gas in my car didn't need gas!  I fill my car up when the little light comes on and says I'm running low.  My car wasn't running low.  I was there to get cash and ended up topping off my car with gas!!  No big deal but still it's one of those things you do when you are sleep deprived, you get a little absent minded.  But I wasn't sleep deprived.  What is it about the time change??


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