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What Makes Us Love or Hate Sports Teams?

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Why do people openly say they "hate" any particular sports teams? I am cheering for KU, even though I went to WSU and graduated from KSU.  Why?  Because I am a Kansas native and because KU has a huge history and just because.  I find it hard to "hate" any team.  I mean, aren't all teams made up of fallible players and coaches, all trying to do their best, to secure a place in history, and possibly to have a career in sports?  Oh, sure once in awhile I suppose there really is a "dirty"player. Someone wanting to cheat or do serious damage to other players and maybe that player does not deserve my respect. But that is not often, I hope.  I am such a sap that  I love it when opposing team members help each other up after a fall and i love it when at the end of a game, opposing players congratulate each other on winning or on making a great efffort. Life can be hard, competiton can be tough, so can't we all just show each other some respect?

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