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Don't get mad...YOU texted ME!

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I keep a text thread on my phone from several years ago.  I look at it whenever I need a laugh.  It happened when I got a new phone and a new number.  As often happens, this phone number belonged to someone else before me.  I would get phone calls at all times of the night asking for Zak or Alex, and from the sound of it...these people were looking for "goods" from them.  I would politely tell them that this number no longer belonged to Zak or Alex but the phone calls kept coming.  Probably because the callers had used some of the "goods" supplied by Alex or Zak and had forgotten I had told them that the number no longer belonged to them.  Finally the calls stopped, and then...I got the text!  The following is an exact transcript of the text thread I keep on my phone.  It makes me laugh:

*******:  Have alex call me plz...This is christina

Me:  Who is Alex?

*******:  Whatever fool.  Can yall give me a ride home?  I am at the walmart on pawnee and broadway.     

Me:  How do I know you?

*******:  This christina!   

Me:  And who am I?

Me:  I'm do I know you?  Are you sure you've got the right person?

*******:  WTF.  Why yall playin stupid?  Does zack want that dro or not?

Me:  Who is zack?!!!  Do you know who you are even texting?

*******:  Fuck it fool.  Don't call me anymore

Me:  Don't get all pissed at someone you don't even know!

Me:  I'm just curious who you think I am.

*******:  Alex or zack

Me:  I am neither.

*******:  Who is this then?

Me:  My name is Phil

Me:  How did you mix up this number with your friends?

*******:  Very funny.......

Me:  Alex or Zack are probably wondering why you never call.

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