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The mystery of the next door neighbors lawnmower

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So yesterday I'm at my house taking it easy, listening to the sound of a lawnmower just outside my window.  I'm thinking it's my yard being mowed but as it turned out it was my next door neighbor , a man in his late 60's to early 70's trying to get his yard mowed before it started to rain.  After a while the rain began.  I still heard the lawnmower running.  Then the hail started...and the lawnmower was still running.  So I looked outside and there, in the front yard of the house next door was a push lawnmower sitting there running with no one behind it.  I thought perhaps that the guy had run in to his house to get a raincoat.  The rain was really coming down by now and the lawnmower sat there...running...30 minutes went by. I started wondering if maybe I should go next door and knock on the front door.  I'm thinking the guy went inside for something and had a heart attack and is on the floor either dying or dead.  I was standing on my front porch just about to get the nerve up to walk over there when comes the guy, walking from around the back of his house.  He walked up to his mower and began pushing.  10 feet later he turned off his mower and walked back inside his house.   wtf????   Why was his mower idling in his front yard for over 30 minutes in the rain?  Why didn't he shut it off when it started hailing?  Maybe he has trouble starting it and figured it would only rain for a short time?   No!  After he mowed 10 feet and then shut it off, 20 minutes later he came back out and fired it up again and finished his yard!???  I'm almost tempted to go over and ask him about it but I didn't want him to think I was a nosy neighbor and then again, perhaps he has the beginnings of memory loss.  That might be the explanation. 

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