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Sleep means a lot to me.  I know people who don't feel the same as I do about sleep. Their theory is "you get more done if you don't sleep."  I've also heard the term "sleeping your life away."   How can anyone not realize the importance of sleep?  You feel so much better, more alert after a good nights sleep.  I also like to get a fan going in the room.  For one I like the noise and secondly, I like the cool breeze wafting throughout the room while I am warm and cozy underneath the blankets....ahhhhhhhhhh!!!  If I get too warm I just hang a leg out!  Oh man, just talking about it is making me smile!  I love sleep!  It's one of the things every human being does.  Rich or poor, you sleep.  Plus I dream a lot!!!  Dozens of dreams a night.  Some short some epic, all very vivid and usually unusual.  I can't imagine if I were a smoker trying to quit and using Chantix!  (Chantix supposedly makes you have vivid and unusual dreams.)  Even as a kid my babysitters loved me because I never put up a fight when it came to bedtime.  I was there!!  Maybe it all goes back to an album I had as a kid.  I loved Bill Cosby and on one of the albums there was a comedy bit that started with him saying:  "I love sleep, I enjoy sleep like a good steak!"


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