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A cure for the hiccups

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I learned something from my 8th grade english teacher Mr. Smith.  Of course you expect to learn something from a teacher after all they are...teachers.  But in this case it wasn't proper grammar or how to creatively construct a short story.  This was a cure for the hiccups.  In the middle of a particularly boring session one day, I walked up to Mr. Smith's desk and asked him if I could leave the classroom for a moment to get a drink of water as I had the hiccups.  He stood up and announced to the class:  "May I have your attention!  It seems Mr. Thompson here has the hiccups and wants to get a drink of water.  I am going to allow this once he proves to us all that he indeed has the hiccups....Mr. Thompson, it's all yours."  I stood there, all eyes on me.  I was stunned.  I had no problem being up in front of the class because I was kind of a class clown anyway but I was not expecting to be thrust into the spotlight this way.  All I wanted was to get out of class for a couple minutes and I truly did have the hiccups.  I did...but not anymore.  Being caught off guard like that in front of a room full of people cured me off my hiccups!!!  I have tried this throughout the years on other people and 99% of the time it works!  So try it some time.  When a friend has the hiccups tell them you have a cure.  Then march them out in front of whoever happens to be around and put them on the spot and see if it works for you.  It usually does!


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