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I used to love tax time...what happened???

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I used to love this time of time!  When I would take my papers to a smart accounting-type person and they would gleefully click away at their computer keyboard, entering all my information and then informing me that I would be getting a check in the mail!  I started planning ahead this year.  I was going to put my tax refund into a vacation fund for later on this year!  

For the previous 13 years I was married.  I would give my then wife all my paperwork (which was usually just a W2) and she would take it along with all of her stuff to the accountant that her family and family business had used for years.  Then the above mentioned scenario would play itself out.  Before I was married I wasn't making a lot of money so again my taxes were relitavely simple.  I would take them to the accountant (usually someone I worked with who was good with numbers) and again, same thing:  take taxes, get money back, be happy.

Apparently being single and renting a duplex is frowned upon in this society!!!  lol!!  This year I waited til 1 day before the deadline to file, took my taxes in to one of those tax preparer places and waited for the good news......not so much.  I owe over $1,500 in taxes this year!!!!

Oh well...still gonna take a vacation.

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