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This Means War!

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My husband loves animals but does not share my passionate love of squirrels.  Neither do our dogs.  I have to admit the squirrels are asking for it when they taunt the dogs from the safety of a tree branch or the other side of a window.  To make matters worse, squirrels chewed through our soffit and made their own cozy little house inside ours.  My husband had placed steel wool in the hole, but the squirrels simply removed it and scoffed at his meager attempts to thwart them.  So last night my husband decides to add even more steel wool.  He asked for my there we were... on a slope leading to our neighbors husband, fearing a scene from Christmas vacation, asked me to hold the ladder..on an incline...while he looked ot see if our guests were out for the evening.  It was dusk..and we were...anticpating a little squirrel's head popping out or perhaps a squirrel jumping into my husband's hair...but I kept thinking..."poor squirrels...this is a great place to nest for them...they don't know about home ownership".  Do they make squirrel houses?

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