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Lightning blew my shoe off!!

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I love a good lightning show.  Last night when the storm passed through, my girlfriend Leslie and I decided to go sit in some chairs under the carport and enjoy it for awhile.  It was a very mellow rain because there was no wind and then the occasional big flash of lightning followed by a slow rolling thunder.  It was very relaxing.  Until....BIG FLASH of lightning with a HUGE clap of thunder!!!  This was one of those thunders that doesn't "follow" a lightning strike but happens at the same time!  Meaning the lightning was REAL CLOSE!!  It didn't so much "scare" me as it did startle me.  So much so that my right leg jerked because of the way I was sitting and my shoe flew right the f*** off of my foot!!!  I couldn't stop laughing!!

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Wichita, KS

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
NNE at 18 mph
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