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My best impersonation?...Vidal Sassoon.

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Hairdresser and trendsetter Vidal Sassoon has died at the age of 84.  Why does that matter to me?  Well it really doesn't but I did do an impersonation of him when I was in High School.  I was pretty good at mimicing famous people but for some reason my finest impersonations were Vidal Sassoon and a local T.V. pitchman Kevin Craig, best know as "The Dillons Man."  He too has passed away.  I imagine the reason I was so good at those impersonations is because I watched a lot of t.v. and at the time Dillons commercials ran constantly plus there was a shampoo called Protein 21 and Vidal was the spokesperson for it and that commercial ran quite often too.  In drama class I would regale my classmates with spot on impersonations of these two men.  With the Dillons guy my quote would be (in my best baritone):  "Take a look at Dillons, you've found your food store."  My Vidal Sassoon was quite a bit longer because it was pretty much the first 15 seconds of the shampoo commercial.  I can still remember it word for word to this day!  It goes like this (in my best English accent):  "The very action of teasing pulls and hurts hair now, you have to shampoo anyway so you might as well use a shampoo that not only cleans but puts back the protein that teasing takes out.  Protein 21 maybe is not a miracle but it sure can help!"

If you would like to hear those impersonations live, feel free to call me at 436-1045 and I would be happy to do them for you!  LOL 

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