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I know why they call them "Bug Lights"

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How can something be advertised as something and then turn out to not be that something that it is purported to be???  In particular:  bug lights.  You know, those yellow bulbs that emit that horrible yellow light that bugs see and say:  "f*** it!  I'll find another party to fly to!" ???

Leslie and I were so sick of the Miller Moths flying around the back porch light that we went and purchased a $3 bug bulb.  Didn't work.  Decided that maybe the $7 CFL bug bulb would work.  After all it was more expensive.  I think there were more moths hanging around that bulb than before we got the bug bulb!!!  Some people suggested an LED outdoor light.  So do we bite the bullet and spend $27 dollars on a light that possibly won't work either?  It's like selling weed killer that promotes the growth of weeds, acne medication that encourages breakouts, hemorrhoid cream that....well you get the idea.  The only reason I can figure they are called "bug lights" is because bugs love 'em!

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