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I can sign my name really well...I have practice!

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Very few people write in cursive anymore.  I don't.  If I'm going to actually write something I always print.  Except when it comes to signing my name.  That is the only thing I write in cursive.  I pay my bills the old fashioned way, I write checks and send them in the mail that way I can actually practice signing my name.  I did however get more practice signing my name than I will ever need to ever ever again!!!  Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger and bought a vehicle.  I hadn't purchased a car since 2005 and I was due.  It is a used truck and I think I got a pretty good deal but without going into all the details I will say one you really need to sign 5,000 forms just to buy USED TRUCK?????  Geeeeeeeezus!!!!!!  

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Few Clouds
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