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Anyone Else Stressed Out?

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Does it seem like there is too much "have to do" stuff in life and not enough "can't wait to do stuff"? I don't know about you, but I hate having to save receipts and  I am not good at it. Scanning them takes too much time too. Hence, when I was asked to produce a receipt for Hail repair to my car from 2010 and could not find it I was stressed over the possibility of losing $1900....the adjuster told me to find the receipt and bring it back that same day or Monday. It's not that I love money so much but that's quite a bit of money to fork over at once and I felt like a failure and felt presumed a con artist.. for not finding the receipt.  I called the bank that had my lien, they had no record of a check made out to me and to them from the Insurance company.  When I asked them if they would write a letter attesting to that...the lady said she'd check and call me back..of course she never did.  I called my agent and he had no record of a hail claim for that year. I could not remember a hail claim that year.  I went back and faced the adjuster, 2 days after the suggested deadline.  He was not there.  A new adjuster said...oops it was not was 08...still I had no receipt. Then he explained he'd look to see the marks that would indicate a previous repair. Hallelujah! he found them...relief washed over me. A huge burden was lifted within minutes of his examining the car.  I wish the first guy has done that...but mark one more "have to" off my list!



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