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My plan missed the 4.

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So as usual I wait til the last minute to do something.  I bought a new truck last month and my 30 day tag expires tomorrow!  Don't you hate the excruciatingly long wait at the tag office?  I knew that people had been waiting longer than usual because of new computer systems so I was dreading the experience.  So...I devised a plan:

I live about a mile from the tag office so on my way home yesterday I stopped in to see how long the wait was knowing that I had just 2 days to tag my vehicle.  I walked in to the crowded tag office, pulled my number from the round red number dispenser...66.  I looked up at the counter on the wall...01.  "This can't be right" I thought, so I waited until they called the next number.  After 10 minutes they call out: "number 2".   So it took 15 minutes from number 1 to number 2.  I was holding number 66.

I decided since I live so close I would go home for awhile and come back and they would be closer to calling my number.  So I went home.  Played in an online poker tournament, all the while being very aware ot the time.  I figured it would be at least 2 hours before my number came up.  By the time my tournament was finished about 2 hours had elapsed.  I knew I needed to get back.  I figured my timing was going to be just about perfect.  I was so proud of myself!  I pulled in to the tag office parking lot, walked in, looked up at the counter on the wall:  70

I missed it by probably less than two minutes!!!!!

Today I will go, and I will wait. 

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