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One of these things is not like the others

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Yesterday I was invited to lunch.  People are invited to lunch all the time.  I was invited to lunch by the Sisters Of The Adorers Of The Blood Of Christ.  They are the Nuns on the Convent at Newman University.

My girlfriend Leslie is a stylist at Mark Bell's Salon and several of her clients are Sisters from the this institute.  They have had her out to lunch several times and one of the Sisters said to her one day:  "you should bring your friend Phil with you next time."  I think they wanted to size me up and make sure that I was good for Leslie because they are very fond of her.

I think I passed the test.  Lunch was great, this Sisters were great and they invited me back to take a tour of the whole facility next time including the "Heritage Room" which holds a lot of historic artifacts.

Looking forward to my next visit not only because of the tour but because I made some new friends!  

They even invited me up to the podium to speak at the lunch.  I went up, thanked them for having me as a guest and then told them a little story about being a small child and thinking that Nuns were called Nuns because that's how many husbands they were allowed to have....they loved it!!!


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