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Please Tell Me Unibrows Cannot be Made Cool

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So Anthony Davis wants to trademark "the unibrow" so someone else's brow doesn't end up making them money. Afterall, his brow is the one to be feared.  Actually all unibrows should be feared as they are pretty hideous.  I remember when Mike Meyers made fun of a certain national TV anchor...appearing on SNL as this person and sporting a unibrow.  That anchor did not have a unibrow.  I can personally attest to that, but the point is Mike Meyers knew having one took away credibility,  did not add to it.  Maybe it could be fear the "brows" as Anthony has distinct ones..even when separated.  Seems like a nice guy...wonder why he started the unibrow thing?  What's next?...fear the chest hair and some players will have it billowing out,,,truth is talent, skills and critical thinking are what really should be feared...but I admit there's no way to make that into a cool "fear the brow". Can you think of any other mantras that worked really well and players lived up to the hype?

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