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Beavers and Otters, Oh My!

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I have a friend who will not swim in water that is not clear.  No lake swims for her! I thought of her when I recently saw 2 news items in which swimmers we attacked.  A 33 year-old woman in Minnesota was swimming in "Island Lake", training for a triathlon when an ottter attacked her and bit her 25 times...her wetsuit kept the bites from being catastrophic, but the otter got away and now she has to have rabies shots.  In Spotsylvania County, Virginia two girls, ages 8 and 11 were atttacked by beavers while swimming in "Lake Anna". The beaver's big teeth did some damage, but a quick-thinking Uncle was able to shoot the beaver with a BB gun and kill it.  There will be tests run to see if it is rabid.   And you thought snakes were the reason not to swim in the lake! Have you ever been attacked while swimming? Email me with your story at

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