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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

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If I liked vegetables more, I would stop eating meat. I am not telling anyone else they should do that, but for me animals are a joy and I hate to see them killed for me. I was delighted to learn the story of Don MacKenzie who went to a Seafood Restaurant in Niantic, Connecticut and liked what he saw in the lobster tank.  He liked it so much, he bought it.  Not to eat it, to free it! Don says the lobster had to be 80 years old and had seen much and he was not going to let it end this way for the lobster he named "Larry".  Don bought Larry and took him on a boat ride to Long Island Sound.  He let Larry go in an area where it would be tough for a fisherman to catch him again.  Props to Don, for the kindness in his heart and the courage to buy the lobster and risk ridicule by ordering it "live, to go".

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