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Some Days Have A Surprise Inside

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Do you know what I mean when I say sometimes something fun and totally unexpected happens on what's supposed to be a regular kind of day? Last Friday was that kind of day.  I love "murder TV" and last week I decided to start recording "Nightmare Next Door".  It consists of stories of murder in small town America.  I scanned the list of 5 recordings and found one that talked about a murder in Kansas, so i naturally wanted to check it out.  The "small town" featured was Wichita.  The narrator stretched the truth a bit to make Wichita seem smaller (they did the same thing with Tulsa)but still, the Wichitans interviewed all made me proud.  Everyone was smart, articulate and kind. I was loving the show...then things got even better.  They went to a local cafe.  As I was trying to figure out which "diner" it was (their words) i saw a familiar was a cafe I have gone to since childhood! One where Phil and I years ago autographed two menus...wouldn't you know it ...Detective Kelly Otis was holding a menu and as I studied the menu in search of the "diner's"  logo..I found not only the logo...I clearly saw my signature! I am somebody now! I'm on the Investigation Discovery network!~Jan

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Wichita, KS

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