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Why would someone steal my cable??

Why would someone steal my cable??

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And when I say "steal my cable", I don't mean my cable service I mean the actual CABLE that goes from the pole to my house!  Last week I suddenly had no cable t.v. or internet.  I called the fine folks from Cox Communications to come out and fix the problem.  The guy came up to my porch and said "come here I want to show you something."  He took me around to the side of my house and there it was, or should I say there it wasn't.  The cable from the pole to my house was completely missing!  Perfectly cut and removed!  Why would someone do that??  I have no enemies (really I don't) and I wouldn't think there was enough copper in that cable to make it worthwhile is there?  I was freaking out because the new season of Dexter was going to begin last Sunday and what then?  I couldn't miss an episode, especially the first one!!  Hmmm...maybe I do have enemies.  Because cutting my cable just before the new season of Dexter would certainly f*** with my world!  LOL.  Oh well I will probably never know the real reason for this mystery but Cox hooked me up, I saw the incredible first episode of Dexter and life is good.     

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